Thursday, September 9, 2010

Which liar do you support?

Joe Golombek is a shill for Byron Brown. Sam Hoyt is a shill for everybody else. Hoyt's being backed by a billionaire and a hedge fund manager. Most of his support comes from New York City because everyone left in Buffalo knows you can't trust him as far as you wish you could throw him...

Many of Hoyt’s supporters back him because he favors charter schools. They include Louis Moore Bacon, a billionaire hedge fund manager from New York City who gave Hoyt $7,500 this week.

“It’s more proof,” Golombek said, “that Sam is in the pocket of [Assembly Speaker] Shelly Silver, Mayor Bloomberg, Wall Street bankers and Manhattan socialites.”

I don't see what the big deal is. Most the readers of my blog are Wall Street bankers and Manhattan socialites. Not to be outdone, Golombek is being backed by such classy guys as Byron "Urkel" Brown as well as G. Steven Pigeon (the G stands for greaseball). Apparently Brown doesn't like Hoyt...

“Sam Hoyt is a negative, petty whiner,”
the mayor said. “I’m supporting Joe Golombek because he’s the only candidate in this race with a true record of reform.”

Neither one of these bozos has any record of reform.We don't know who the winner of this primary will be. We do know the losers will be the residents of the district, regardless of the outcome.

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