Monday, September 6, 2010

It might be time to reform the system

It's no wonder New York is about to go bankrupt and people are leaving in droves. With pension costs skyrocketing, the New York State Comptroller's website gives new state employees tips on how they can pad their pensions at taxpayers expense. From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle...

Overtime — when excessive — can drive up pension benefits, which costs taxpayers.

Yet, on the comptroller's website, under the heading "Maximizing Your Benefits," DiNapoli provides tips for government employees to pad their pension by stockpiling vacation and sick time or working overtime and holidays.

"You may be unaware that you can increase your retirement benefits by increasing your service credit and/or final average salary," the site reads. "Here are some tips for doing that."

These leaders are so out of touch with the average New York citizen, they didn't even realize those of us that foot the bill might be a bit offended by this. Just another day in Albany, I guess. Get ready for more of this nonsense if Andrew Cuomo gets annointed, err, I mean elected Governor in November.

Thomas DiNapoli's website offers tips to pad pension | | Democrat and Chron


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