Thursday, September 23, 2010

10th Streeters

Several members of the 10th Street gang were arrested today along with members of the 7th Street gang. The two gangs are arch rivals.(When we were kids, we played football and street hockey against other streets but shootings rarely took place after games.)

I feel sad for the young woman in this clip who just wants to live without bullets flying by her child. I never knew La Nova Pizzeria was right in the middle of gang territory. I knew it was a bad neighborhood but not this bad. They probably carry Uzis in the back of the restaurant.

I think the Buffalo Police should pull a "Superintendent Williams" and just rename the streets (Williams is famous for renaming poorly performing schools so they don't lose their funding). Maybe the gang members would all become law abiding citizens and go off to college, if they just changed the name of 10th Street to The 10th Street of Excellence and Higher Achievement...

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