Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stay home

The Erie County Health Commissioner thinks schools should stop giving out "perfect attendance awards" to students who don't miss a day during their school career. He believes these awards encourage the nerds, I mean students, to show up to school even when they are sick...

"The issue really is that, while we want to encourage children to come to school, it's very likely that over 13 years of school, a child is not going to be healthy every single day," Dr. Anthony Billittier explains. "While a child may come to school sick on a given day and increase their attendance by doing that, in reality they may infect a bunch of other children, who then can't come to school. So it the big picture, it may actually decrease attendance."

Not only is Billitier right, I think the school districts should take it one step further and start giving out awards to kids for staying home. The less students sneezing and coughing on each other and me, the better.

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