Saturday, September 11, 2010

PBA demands apology from Domagalski- He'll give it to you on Wednesday

The State Police Officers Benevolent Association is demanding an apology from the Jim Domagalski campaign three days before the election for putting a pig on one of their fliers attacking former Sheriff Patrick Gallivan...

"Senate Candidate James Domagalski should be ashamed of himself. His recent campaign flier attacking retired police officer Pat Gallivan displays two pigs on the front page, and the words 'oink oink' on the back. Even school-age children recognize these derogatory terms against police officers."

The statement then turns into an essay. Domagalski's campaign counters that the pig was a reference to Gallivan's role as a double dipper and a pension grabber. I would tend to agree with them. Here was part of their response...

"As every Republican knows, Albany is a trough of corruption and self-dealing. While former Democrat and liberal Pat Gallivan has double-dipped on his pension and made over half a million dollars for a part-time political patronage job, our taxes have increased over $2 billion in New York State."

Must be turning into a close race. They all sound desperate.Both Domagalski and Gallivan are both trying to make the other look bad.

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