Thursday, September 16, 2010

Derenda's proposed plan puts officers at risk

The South Buffalo rooster has crowed again. He can not believe police Commissioner Dan Derenda's new plan to process criminals. Apparently, according to the rooster, city officials met to discuss ways to combat a union slowdown orchestrated by the Sheriffs at the Erie County Holding Center. He said they are taking their time in processing criminals due to their anger over disagreements in their contract.

Derenda's plan is to have anyone charged with less than a felony brought to another location downtown. The arresting officer will have to fingerprint the suspect and then issue them an appearance ticket. The suspect will not spend any time in jail or have to post bail. A cop who wrestles with a suspect will be in the dangerous position of having to fingerprint them 20 minutes later. They also have to drive the suspect home after arresting them! Have a good night. I'll see you tomorrow! This plan was leaked to the rooster, who then asked me to inform the public. It sounds like it should be discussed with the public and the police officers before being pushed upon us. They tried to sneak it through without the media knowing but had no idea there was a rooster lurking nearby.

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