Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two talented musicians coming out of South Buffalo

One thing that's great about running the indoor soccer leagues in S. Buffalo, is being able to meet the many different kids that participate over the years. For a 6, 7, or 8 year old, there really isn't much choice. You will probably have at least one South Buffalo Soccer Club t-shirt in your closet at some point. I'm always happy to hear about one of the players excelling in soccer, another sport, or something else. I don't hear about many artists too often, so when I do, I think it's pretty cool.

I wanted to write about two talented musicians (and former soccer players) coming out of South Buffalo. I don't know much about John Higgins. I know his father is a US Congressman and John played soccer for a few years. I remember he and his sister as being very nice. He was always very focused when he played (a trait he is probably using with his music). His acoustic folk style is developing a large following among young people. The 19 year old is very talented and could have a bright future ahead of him in music. Here is one of his clips:

Brian Herlihy and his band Type Relevant's music could not be more different than Higgins'. They play hip-hop and are developing quite a local following of their own in that scene. Herlihy grew up on Alleghany Street and went to Hutch Tech. I got to know Brian and his family quite well through soccer. The band has won several awards from Artvoice. Here is a clip of Herlihy performing:

I wish both of these performers good luck with their musical careers. Both seem to have loads of talent and youth on their side.

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