Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Horse-Boy Spotted On Google Street View

Have you seen this guy in Scotland known as horse boy? He follows the Google Street View cameras around wearing a horse mask. Now, he has become an internet sensation. Even horse boy imposters are sprouting up. He is not a boy but an older man with graying hair...

However, of all the weird things we've seen on Street View, this is probably up there with the strangest of them. Pictured in Aberdeen, Scotland, this man wearing a horse's head has sparked curiosity around the world. He's been dubbed horse-boy by British media and the BBC says people from all over Europe have been emailing in sightings and images of the man with the horse mask. There have apparently been sightings of him in Germany, Norway, Cardiff, and Norwich. Others have sent in photos of men wearing the same mask, claiming they are horse-boy.

It's like the old days of professional wrestling where the wrestler refuses to take off his mask. Is this what they meant when they said the internet was going to change our lives? How did we survive all those hundreds of years without a guy walking around in a horses' mask? I think this guy is making a statement. Do we really need Google street view?

Horse-Boy Spotted On Google Street View

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