Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andrew Cuomo-"My daddy says I don't have to debate Paladino"

Andrew Cuomo is unsure whether he will debate Carl Paladino. His goal is to call Paladino "crazy" and try to ride his father's coattails into office. Why wouldn't he? It's been his whole career up to this point. Cuomo says he will stay "above the fray", yet a committee he controls is sending out ads depicting Paladino as a pig. From WBEN...

Cuomo said, however, that he's his own campaign strategist and is above the fray, although the state Democratic Committee he directs has engaged Paladino for weeks. While Cuomo has refused to comment on Paladino publicly, Democratic surrogates and the state committee, responding to reporters' questions, have attacked and counterattacked Paladino in TV ads and blistering broadsides, calling Paladino "crazy."

"I think we have them worried," Paladino told The Associated Press. "We're trying to bloody them up and send them back" out of government. "They are like locusts coming from every direction right now."

Democrats on Monday released an Internet image of Paladino's face on a pig's body, with a pig's nose, rooting at "the public trough."

Cuomo obviously doesn't want to answer any questions. He is part of the status quo(see Mario Cuomo 1982-1994) and knows people are looking for change. I think he's finished. People are going to come out of caves and from underneath rocks to vote for Paladino. The only support Cuomo will have is from unions and some brainwashed Democrats. This guy is all about fluff, just like his old man was.

Cuomo Undecided On Debating Paladino - WBEN NewsRadio 930 : Buffalo & Niagara Falls, NY

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