Friday, September 10, 2010

September Surprise

I keep telling you these political types have no shame. I received one of the funniest mailings I've ever gotten today. It's an ad for Bill Stachowski complete with a fake, good looking family. Maybe it's his son or daughter and his grandkids (I don't know), but it is obviously meant to trick the voters into forgetting he's a 30 year do nothing incumbent. Talk about desperation. Dan Quayle's son just did the same thing in New Mexico. He posed with his two nieces as if they were his own children. I should have put a good looking couple with two kids on the front of my mailings when I ran for the common council. Wait a minute. I didn't have any money for mailings. Will the real Stachowski please stand up? Who are these people? Stackman, this is low even by your standards. The bar has just been lowered...


Here is a picture of the actual Bill Stachowski. He looks just like the guy in the mailing, except he's old, bald, and heavy set. Other than that, he looks just like him...


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