Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Larry Quinn must be on drugs

This column is calling for an immediate psychiatric evaluation of Larry Quinn and every member of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation. I don't know what was more ridiculous: Larry Quinn saying Buffalo should reach out again to Bass Pro or Mayor Brown saying they could sell the idea to the community? What are these people smoking before these meetings? Here's Larry Quinn, sounding more like Larry the Cable Guy...

“Lots of deals in the world go south, then get revived when people have a chance to take a deep breath and figure out what they’ve lost,” Quinn told fellow board members.

Quinn asked Mayor Byron W. Brown if he thinks it would make sense to “make one last attempt” to lure Bass Pro to the waterfront.

“Maybe go to [Bass Pro] and say, ‘Hey, look. What you experienced was a unique political firestorm, and it wasn’t reflective of what the people want,’ ” Quinn said.

Brown said he would be willing
. Brown later told The Buffalo News he thinks the idea could be “sold” to the public. “Because it took so long, the public really developed ‘Bass Pro fatigue,’ ” he said. “I think the public will embrace any concept that is announced and done within a reasonable period of time. If those conversations could be resuscitated and moved along quickly this time, I think it could generate public support.”

Obviously, Larry Quinn is either a fool or has some kind of personal incentive to stay with Bass Pro. This company made the whole region look foolish
after demanding a huge subsidy to build here. The fact that Brown thinks it's a good idea should tell you all you need to know about his leadership abilities. Good luck "selling" this idea to the public because we're not buying.
Lawmakers attack bid to revive Bass Pro - City & Region - The Buffalo News

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