Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Letter to the editor- Two great letters on the Gubernatorial race

Apparently, we're not the only ones that think Ed Koch, Alphonse TA'mato, and Carl McCall should jump off a cliff. Here is a well written letter to the Buffalo News from my Armenian-American cohort Matt Panosian.

D'Amato, Koch, McCall have zero credibility

I have been reading Donn Esmonde for years, and have always found his articles informative, entertaining and well thought out. However, his column on Sept. 17 pertaining to the open letter to the people of New York, warning them of the danger of Carl Paladino, was Esmonde’s best work yet. If Al D’Amato, Ed Koch and Carl McCall had a shred of credibility, people might have taken notice as to what they had to say. As it is, all they have done is proven what the rest of us already know—that Albany is indeed “abusive, arrogant and out of touch.”

Please don’t be swayed by the fear mongering, lies and innuendo that are sure to follow in the weeks ahead. It comes from the same ole’, same ole’, good-old-boys network that has wreaked havoc in this state for years. These people fear the party’s over for them and they will do or say anything to hold on to their corrupt country club seats of power. They should fear that the party’s over, because it is.

Listen to your own heart, ignore the slime and mud that is sure to come and, if you think Paladino is a step up, and is capable of cleaning out the swamp, then by all means vote for him. I know I will.

Matt Panosian
Niagara Falls

In the second letter, William Kraus of Newstead accurately points out that the establishment will try to describe Carl Paladino as "crazy" instead of debating the issues he is bringing up. To me, "crazy" is sticking with the same people (both Democrats and Republicans) who do not have our best interests in mind...

Give Paladino a chance; we have nothing to lose

Carl Paladino is the man. Republicans and Democrats alike call him crazy and not fit for state or any other office. These remarks, coming from the most dysfunctional parties in the country, are comical.

The fact that these party “leaders” are so dead set against him makes Paladino the man to go to Albany and throw the bums out.

We all know this is impossible to do because of the deeply entrenched culture of our legislators, who do nothing and get paid well for it. But what the heck, New York, let’s start somewhere and send Paladino to Albany to give it a try. What is the harm?We are banging our heads against the wall anyway.

William Kraus

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