Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're all winners

I guess this was a nice gesture but I'm getting a little sick of these "heartwarming" stories. When the kid with autism made all the three pointers in Rochester, that was cool. Shooting a three point basket takes considerable skill (even if they let you shoot).

In this clip, a high school team lets an opponent with Down Syndrome score a 51 yard touchdown. Listen to the announcer: "I am misty eyed. That is absolutely so wonderful." Please. It would have been hilarious had some jerk on the other team, grabbed the ball out of his hands and run the other way. The ensuing brawl would have been worth the price of admission. If I was the ref, I would have called a holding penalty on the offense just to confuse everyone.


  1. I sort of get the big deal but as a parent of child with special needs I sort of think that when making a big deal out of things they do we are saying that being disabled is less rather than just different. Everyone in life has struggles, my child's struggles are just different from others and they still have strengths.

  2. Exactly. That was well put. I agree. I'm glad they let him be on the team. I'm glad they let him get in the game for a few plays. But when they "let" him score a long touchdown I think it's a little too contrived.