Monday, September 13, 2010

Wedding favor

How come it seems like everyone from the town of Royalton lives in a trailer, likes country music, and has 147 cats on their property? But stealing $465 from your cousin's wedding day gifts? The only thing surprising about this story is that no shotguns were involved...

ROYALTON—A woman and her boyfriend were arrested Saturday evening, accused of stealing the gift money out of envelopes at her cousin’s wedding reception.

Niagara County sheriff’s deputies said the two left the reception, being held at a Hollenbeck Road home, after the newly married couple reported seeing them removing money from cards left in a card box. Deputies said they recovered $465 in cash from the vehicle they were driving.

Charged with petit larceny were Amber L. Considine, 30, of North Marion Street, and Clifford B. McCarty, 30, of Miller Street, both in North Tonawanda.

The wedding couple would just like to get on with their life and are excited about honeymoon plans, with a trip to Woodlawn Beach in the works.

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