Thursday, September 30, 2010

Running on empty

I know kissing up to Brian Higgins and nominating yourself for multiple "civic pride" awards is a full time job, but Jeff, you could at least take the time to tell your runners which direction the course goes. From Buffalo News...

Jackson stays the course

It was an unusual day at Cazenovia Park for the Mount Mercy and Nardin cross country teams.

The race leaders on the 5K course took a wrong turn.

And that ended up nixing the results of the best runners from both schools.

Mount Mercy senior Bridget Jackson stuck to the course she was told to run, avoiding the wrong turn the others in front of her took, and ended up winning the race in 24:13. Mount Mercy edged Nardin by one point for the team victory, handing Nardin its first loss.

"The top 11 runners were all disqualified because they went on the wrong course," Mount Mercy coach Jeff Conrad said. "But there were 45 runners in the race, so 34 ran the right course and it came down to the middle runners on both teams.

"Bridget knew the course and decided that she was staying on the course that the coaches told her to run. She followed her instinct to follow directions and it won her the race. It was a great lesson in sportsmanship for both teams."

What the f%*K does running the right course have to do with sportsmanship? Seriously. I have no idea what he means with this quote. Brian just called, buddy. The streetlights are on. You have to come home now.

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