Saturday, September 11, 2010

Without a word

Channel 2 does a good interview with Jim Kelly and his wife Jill. One quote I always remember is when Kelly said his son was by far the toughest in the family. He was right and Kelly, Sr. with his faults, was a very tough guy himself.

He brought a lot of national attention to the city (along with Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith) in the 90s and gave us some great games. It's funny how Kelly is still very much a part of Buffalo when he initially refused to come here. Everyone remembers the comeback game against the Dolphins at Miami when the team was just starting to become good. We haven't had a quarterback like him since. Now the Kelly's are talking about more serious things, and how their son probably saved their marriage...



  1. How can you compare the Bills super bowl losses to what she has gone through. Wow that is tasteless Mike!!! I love your blog buddy but get some class, that is a trash statement you made, hope you have healthy children!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment. My attempt at humor wasn't a good one. While I'll never claim to be politically correct, you are right about this one. It's too serious of a topic to joke about. Thanks for reading.

  3. Thank you, had a sister who lost her baby in the last year and it is a sensitive topic. Besides that your stuff is good. You should check out the politics in Rochester even worse then here. New blog oppurtunity maybe.