Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good riddance


The Buffalo News is making retiring athletic director Dave Thomas out to be a saint. This guy was a complete tool. He cared so much about city kids, which explains why he lived in East Amherst his whole career. All he did for years, was take care of a select group of people who kissed up to him.

I didn't even want to talk to this ignoramus but I called him when fellow residency violator James Kane (West Seneca) told me to give him a call. Thomas tried to talk like a tough guy for no reason. I just ignored him and refused to lower myself to this fat slob's childish level. Since then, I've received some information about him which I can't wait to share with him in public. I witnessed this guy walk 15 yards out of his way so he could be seen on camera while a high school basketball player was being interviewed at the Flickinger Center. I was really embarrassed for him, that getting on the 6 o'clock news in Buffalo meant that much to him. I hope he reads this and I hope he chokes on a Ted's Hot Dog...
Thomas had his critics. It's hard to please everyone when you're responsible for 15 high schools and nearly 75 middle and elementary schools. People expected him to be everywhere at once. Some felt he should have done more for girls' sports.

The Buffalo Public School's girl's sports program is a complete nightmare. The boys programs are a joke, too. They are only decent in basketball because
the kids play on their own. Thomas brought nothing to the table and apparently didn't leave much at the table when he was done. Good riddance, blowhard. You will not be missed by many. It's not pretty but it's the truth.

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