Sunday, September 19, 2010

The War on teachers

According to Mark Frazier, Buffalo teachers are calling in sick too much and it's affecting the all important test scores.

A report on employee attendance in the Buffalo Public Schools has City Hall administrators calling for an end to what they say is "a culture of absenteeism".

On an average day, more than 10 percent of employees in the schools are absent, the study found. The more days of school a teacher misses, the worse that teacher's students do on state English and math tests, the study found.

This article does a lot of finger pointing. What it doesn't mention is the fact that many Buffalo teachers are forced to take sick days due to the stress of the job. Everyone knows the kids run the schools in Buffalo. Frazier, Buffalo's Lead Community Superintendent (whatever that means) should fill in for some of these teachers and see what they go through every day. I'm not saying the Buffalo teachers are perfect. However, until the behavior problems of the students at some of the schools are addressed, don't expect teacher attendance to go up.

Does shaping up mean showing up? - City of Buffalo - The Buffalo News


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