Thursday, September 30, 2010

The bicker with Dicker

3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a candidate put forward by one group to divide the opposition or mask the candidacy of another person for whom the stalking-horse would then withdraw

Every time one of these moments happens, Carl Paladino seems to flourish with the public. His poll numbers seem to go up. In this interview, he says he is unintimidatable. In one of my favorite quotes years ago in a newspaper article, he said he was unembarrassable. It makes you think Mike Tyson is one of his advisers.

The fact is certain members of the press have an agenda. New York Post writer Fred Dicker is Andrew Cuomo's "stalking horse." He's not reporting the news. He's trying to become part of the story. He's Cuomo's "bird dog." He might as well be on his payroll (if he's not already). When Cuomo says he's staying "out of the gutter", it's an outright lie. He knows some old lady's going to hear that and say, "Andrew is such a nice young man." BS. He's a scumbag who is afraid to debate Paladino because Paladino is talking about issues that concern the public. Cuomo thinks he's entitled to the governor's seat by virtue of his last name. He's sending out bottom feeders like Fred Dicker and Alphonse TO'mato to write and say nasty things about Paladino. He even went to a museum and dragged out the irrelevant Ed Koch.

Mr. Dicker: When Carl Paladino says he's going to "take you out", it's just a term of affection in upstate New York. We want to "take you out" and show you the Falls and all the great restaurants in Western New York.
Fred Dicker's a classy guy. Be on the lookout. You might see him in your neighborhood, hiding in the bushes with the rest of the rats, taking pictures of 10 year old girls. This might fly in New York City but not here in Buffalo. You might be a reporter, but if you come back here Freddy, we're going to be the ones asking the tough questions.

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