Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another fringe pastor looking for publicity

I hope this pastor, Terry Jones from Gainsville, Florida changes his mind and doesn't burn copies of the Koran on Saturday, September 11th. When did organized religion become about hate? This nut is proving he is no better than the Muslim extremists he seeks to expose. Or is he seeking to expose/promote himself?

I've noticed that most forms of religion tend to be great catalysts for wackjobs to get up on their soapboxes and try to make names for themselves (sort of what I like to do with this forum). Now, military leaders are asking Jones to stop his protest, as the images from it could aid the Taliban and put American troops at risk. I'd like to see Tea Partyers and all religious leaders in America condemn this clown. I'm totally against putting a mosque at Ground Zero, but protests like this make the whole country look bad. Today, the protest was condemned by General Petraeus, Pope Benedict, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the lady who sells hot dogs next to Len Co Lumber, and the guy who sits next to Griffins with the Elvis sideburns.

Another thing: why do most pastors have to look like freaks? Shave your mustache, Terry Jones. You look like a cross between Colonial Sanders and Rollie Fingers.

Pressure mounts in U.S. against Koran-burning plan | Reuters

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