Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Schroeder might challenge Silver for Speaker

Whether symbolic or not, Mark Schroeder's challenge to Sheldon Silver is important for Western New York residents.

You want to know a clear indication of who is working for us in Albany and who isn't? Watch and see which of the area's delegation supports Sheldon Silver as the speaker of the Assembly.

Silver, widely regarded by both Albany insiders and outsiders as the biggest opponent to reform in New York State, might be challenged by South Buffalo Assemblyman Democrat Mark Schroeder. Silver is one of the "three men in a room" consistently fighting for New York City interests, at the expense of those in outpost destinations like Buffalo. He opposed UB 2020 after giving his word to the local delegation he was behind it...

Silver’s blockage of UB 2020, an ambitious expansion plan, prevented a “transformational” impact on the State University of New York system and the Western New York economy, Schroeder said.

If you live in Assemblyman Sam Hoyt's district, listen to him talk and you can tell where his interests lie:

In 2000, Hoyt was one of 12 Assembly Democrats who backed then-Majority Leader Michael J. Bragman of North Syracuse for speaker but later jumped back to Silver when the coup began to unravel.

“It’s easy to demonize one person,” Hoyt said of Silver last week. “But no one asks: If we do replace him, what happens?”

What happens? We stop getting screwed over by him left and right. Hoyt's not the type of guy you want in a fox hole with you. In fact, if his father wasn't an Assemblyman, he would probably be washing dishes at the Olympic Restaurant in Riverside. Is it a coincidence that most of Hoyt's money these days is coming from New York City interests? Most WNY residents are on to his sorry act. I'm not a big fan of Joe Golombek, but this issue would lead me in his direction if I lived in their district. Golombek states in the article that his support would be for Schroeder-and by extension Western New York residents, should he take on Silver.

Schroeder considers challenge to Silver as Assembly speaker - Albany - The Buffalo News


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