Friday, September 24, 2010

Jack the barber/blogger

I thought this was pretty neat. Jack Quavis runs the Taylor Mae'd Barbershop in Blasdell. He enjoyed listening to his customer's opinionated rants so much, he began filming them and putting them on his blog...

"I'm tired of the average person not being heard," he said. "At the barber shop, guys will open up. Everybody's eager to talk about something."
Politics, though often a taboo subject at social events and many workplaces, is the topic of choice in his shop, said Quavis.

You got to love it. He's combining cutting hair with a form of therapy. Don't get any ideas Tony Scaccia, Jr. Actually, I think I'd pay to hear some of Tony's customers'rants from Seneca St. CNN recently did a story on Quavis. Here is the link: I found some footage of a guy I plan on refering to Jack's shop:

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