Monday, September 27, 2010

NFTA continues it's hijacking of waterfront

Dug's Dive owner Tucker Curtin wants to keep the popular restaurant open year round. The NFTA is dragging it's feet and giving him the runaround.

Score another one for the NFTA. The owner of Dug's Dive, the popular restaurant located at the small boat harbour, wants to keep it open year round. Instead of celebrating this as great news for the waterfront, the NFTA appears to be acting as an obstructionist...

The owner of Dug's Dive wants to keep the Small Boat Harbor restaurant open year-round, but claims his plans are being thwarted by his landlord, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.

Tucker Curtin, who operates Dug's Dive under an agreement with the NFTA, said he has approached the authority with what he contends is a viable offer to keep the restaurant open after the boating season ends.

But NFTA officials, while saying they share Curtin's interest in seeing Dug's Dive become a year-round operation, also said they need to work out an agreement that would cover all of their costs before that could happen.

The result is a stalemate that, for now, is putting Curtin's plans in limbo as the boating season comes to a close within the next month. Curtin said he needs an agreement soon if he is going to keep the restaurant open beyond its traditional October closing date.

"I just don't understand it," Curtin said.

The NFTA has outlived it's usefullness on the waterfront. It's time for them to step away so real progress can occur. I've been to Dug's Dive several times. It's a nice restaurant. Cut the red tape and let this private businessman make some money. I know you guys wouldn't know anything about taking any risks, since most of your jobs are appointed. Give Curtin an answer so he can keep the doors open.


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