Friday, September 3, 2010

crime stats 8/27-9/2




8/27/2010 164 Okell Robbery Chamarr J Wiggins, Xavier Zielinski, Colin J Buckland, Rico L Perry Def did punch complt in face, knock him down to ground, tell complt to give them money and electronics

8/27/2010 Frank/Geary Indec Exposure unknown Suspect did expose himself to complt and her friend

8/27/2010 127 Gilbert Agg Harassment Rebecca Smale-Whitaker Suspect continually texting, calling and sending facebook msgs to complt

8/27/2010 169 Chicago Violent Domestic Wilfredo Osorio Def did punch complt in face and also did come after complt with knife

8/27/2010 7 Zittel crim contempt James A Rozell Def arrested on previously reported incident

8/27/2010 8 Magnolia Narcotics Jonathan Andrisani, Alex T Bosiacki Def was selling marijuana and his drug money and drugs were taken. Defs did fight with Lt.

8/27/2010 24 Dismonda Rape Edwin Cosme Jr Suspect did put something in complt's drink which made her sleepy and she awoke to being naked and suspect standing over her.

8/27/2010 21 Pries UUV unknown unk per(s) did take complt's vehicle along with laptop, clothes and various CD's that were in vehicle

8/27/2010 2175 S Park Ave Burglary unknown unk per(s) did gain access to bldg-inventory to follow

8/27/2010 1 Hopkins RUUV unknown Vehicle recovered in damaged condition

8/27/2010 1971 S Park Ave Larceny Mark DeVoe Suspect did take (6)pack Little Debbie cakes without paying for same

8/27/2010 1791 S Park Ave Robbery unknown suspect demanded oxycotin and did display handgun and then fled

8/27/2010 Clinton/Bailey Ave Robbery Thomas Dettula Def did push complt to ground, hold her down and reach into purse and take $300 cash.

8/28/2010 87 Barnard St Larceny Brian K Rozler Suspect was asked to leave party. Suspect took complt's mother's bike and then pushed complt out of way while she tried to block him from leaving.

8/28/2010 22 Norman St-Lwr Phone Threats Beth M Oakley Suspect did phone and text over 20 times causing annoyance and alarm by threatening to have people come over and beat him up.

8/28/2010 665 Perry St Assault Ora V Tucker Def did reach in victim's vehicle and punch and scratch victim in facial area causing scratches and bleeding and did threaten to shoot victim.

8/28/2010 45 Fredro Threats Will Quinn, Rebecca Suits Suspects have been calling complt's cell phone several times a day stating they are going to beat her up, harm her children and when she goes out of town will burn her house down.

8/28/2010 78 Fillmore Crimmis Mary Smigiel Suspect did key driver's side of complt's vehicle

8/28/2010 S Park Ave/Lockwood Robbery unknown Suspect did grab complt, pushed her to ground and grabbed her purse and wallet. Victim retrieved property after chasing suspect and kneeing suspect in teeth and he fled.

8/28/2010 85 E Market Burglary unknown Susepct entered apt by unk means and did take property 8/29/2010 Botanical Crimmis unknown suspect did knock over arbor damaging same

8/29/2010 1115 Seneca St Trespass Matthew Bernhard Arrest did trespass in bar after being told numerous times in past not to come in. Suspect is underage.

8/29/2010 12 Latona Ct Crimmis unknown Suspect did cut seats with knife, did damage dash and break window on complt's vehicle

8/29/2010 141 Southside Threats unknown Suspects did come after complt with a shovel and a pole scaring complt. Weapons were recovered and suspects fled

8/29/2010 445 S Division St UUV Don Juan L Tyson Suspect did take without permission complt's vehicle and said he will damage vehicle.

8/29/2010 157 Trowbridge Fam Dispute Joshua Rogers Suspect did attempt to punch her but was intoxicated and did not actually strike her.

8/29/2010 323 Whitfield OOP Dennis M Coxson Def did step in front of her house in violation of OOP. 8/29/2010 11 Hollywood Domestic Brian Uebelhoer Def did break out complt's living room window and did kick in back door of apt causing door to strike complt.

8/29/2010 2265 Seneca St Crim Nuisance Lukman A Mohamed Def did play loud music in public causing a nuisance, had no ID and was out of control.

8/29/2010 8 Keppel Domestic Richard EB Healey Def did come up to complt and threatened to kill him and his family.

8/29/2010 1853 Clinton St Unlawful Possession Robert C Harlach Def was observed cutting into a tree and while ofc was investigating def was found to be in possession of marijuana.

8/29/2010 79 Prenatt Assault Keith E Garcia Suspect did strke complt's juv son in the back of head with handle of machete. Victim treated at Children's.

8/29/2010 70 Trowbridge Larceny Keith W Malachowski Suspect did remove debit card from purse and did use same.

8/29/2010 445 S Division St RUUV unknown Vehicle was returned to complt in good condition. Complt does not wish to prosecute.

8/30/2010 166 Mackinaw Burglary unknown Suspect did enter home and once inside did take property.

8/30/2010 549 Hopkins St Burglary Orville J Vega-Perez Def did enter home by unk means and did take property. Def was found to be in possession of property.

8/30/2010 KFC on Abbott Rd Larceny unknown Unk per(s) did take complt's son's bike.

8/30/2010 79 Ladner Narcotics Rachel A Cook, Brandon J Shelton, Jennifer A Haulk Def's were found in lwr apt and did find def's to be in possession of drugs.

8/30/2010 450 N Legion Marijuana Possession Couron Virgil-Mack Def was in vehicle with no plates/reg, parked on sidewalk. Def did have outstanding warrant and was found to be in possession of marijuana.

8/30/2010 78 Rutland Crimmis unknown Complt's vehicle was parked and unk juv broke the driver's side mirror off vehicle.

8/30/2010 82 Rutland Crimmis unknown Complt states unk juv's did damage vehicle by kicking the driver's side mirror.

8/30/2010 82 Sage Gun Miguel A Cortes Def had an unregistered firearm under his bed stating he found it. Gun was left unsecured in home with a juv.

8/30/2010 519 Hamburg Larceny unknown Unk per(s) did remove property from vehicle

8/30/2010 111 Walter Crim Contempt Joseph Goff Sr Def did come into her residence uninvited threatening to cause physical harm to complt and in doing so did violate OOP.

8/30/2010 1972 Clinton Assault Jason Claar Suspect did punch complt about face causing blk eye. Complt was intoxicated and refused ADI. Warrant Card issued.

8/30/2010 54 South-Lwr Burglary Yvonne L Kanehl Def did enter residence and did take property from same.

8/30/2010 335 Dingens Burglary Matthew J Sherman Def along with juv co-def did break a window and a lock on door and once inside did take approx $800 in cash.

8/30/2010 1989 Seneca St Threats Keith Cramer Def did threaten complt at Tim Horton's by screaming, yelling and swearing at her. Def did make a gesture with his hand as if he had a gun.

8/30/2010 62 Fredro Threats Ronald Yusczyk Def did violate OOP by contacting her via telephone

8/30/2010 32 Oakhurst Threats Michael Misiak Complt states that after having dispute with suspect, suspect did punch complt in mouth causing bleeding and a fat lip.

8/31/2010 47 Edson St Burglary Abdul Ghani-Hassan Suspect did gain access through side window possibly and once inside did take property to include guns and ammunition

8/31/2010 143 Hamburg Burglary unknown Unk per(s) did cut front screen, enter home and did take property while inside.

8/31/2010 26 Trowbridge Burglary unknown Unk per(s) did enter residence by unk means and once inside did take property.

8/31/2010 104 Sheffield Assault Cornelius D Thompson Suspect forced his way into home and did punch and knock complt unconscious. Victim has OOP in order.

8/31/2010 S Park/Tifft Shooting several unk males victim claims that he was approached by several unk males and one did shoot him. Victim totally uncooperative with specifics of incident.

8/31/2010 65 Kamper- lwr Landlord Trouble Jessica J Merritt Def did slash boyfriend's left arm while fighting with knife

8/31/2010 33 Wheelock Burglary unknown Victim states unk did kick in door to apt. Things were thrown about apt and items were missing.

8/31/2010 248 Katherine Burglary unknown Unk per(s) entered apt while complt was sleeping. Property taken.

8/31/2010 Tifft/S Park Larceny unknown unk per(s) did take complt's bike

8/31/2010 376 Dorrance Larceny unknown unk per(s) did enter hallway and once inside did take property

8/31/2010 1744 Seneca St Larceny unknown unk per(s) did cut 35' of cooper ground cable that was being installed on outside of bldg

8/31/2010 103 Manitoba Larceny unknown unk per(s) did take items without permission

8/31/2010 Small Boat Harbor RUUV unknown complt rpts that vehicle was recovered

8/31/2010 39 Mt Vernon Harassment Patricia Trala suspect did scratch his arm after complt asked about turning the cable on in his name

8/31/2010 64 Kenefick-Lwr Assault Courtney L Patchett complt and suspect did get into argument and suspect did hit complt with broom handle and screaming threats at complt

8/31/2010 426 Abbott -Lot Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did break passenger window on complt's vehicle and did also break mirror off

8/31/2010 426 Abbott -Lot Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did break passenger window on complts vehicle

8/31/2010 unk Culver Forcible Touching Christopher James/Michael Schichtel juv suspects put their hands inside victim's shorts

8/31/2010 153 Arbour Lane-lot Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did key driver's side of complt's vehicle from front to back

8/31/2010 Bailey Av/S Park Assault Samir A allafey Suspect did punch father in face several times causing pain/swelling and bleeding

8/31/2010 121 Melrose Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did damage driver's side mirror on vehicle

8/31/2010 403 S Divison Crimmis Terah M Brown Suspect did scratch the paint on his vehicle

8/31/2010 102 Spaulding Harassment Rickey Roberts suspect did enter apt and threaten wife and threatened daughter with pole causing alarm and annoyance

8/31/2010 86 Troupe Threats unknown complt rpts for juv children that unk juvs have been following children around harassing them

8/31/2010 78 McKinley Fight unknown ex-girlfriends boyfriend did punch complt about the face, kick comp numerous times

9/1/2010 145D Fulton st Larceny Xavier M Haykal Suspect did take property and after being confronted suspect(son) did return most of property

9/1/2010 1 Cazenovia Larceny unknown unk per(s) did take contents of complt's purse while it was left unattended at park

9/1/2010 37 Hayden Burglary unknown unk per(s) did enter residence and did take property

9/1/2010 164 Elk Burglary unknown unk per(s) did enter residence and did take property

9/1/2010 223 Smith Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did damage mailbox by prying open top

9/2/2010 Stevenson/S Legion Larceny juv b/m complt rpts for juv son that unk juv b/m did take victim's cell phone

9/2/2010 35 Lester Larceny unknown unk did remove from victim's purse prescription pills

9/2/2010 120 Childs Larceny unknown per(s) unk did enter property and did take property once inside

9/2/2010 24 St Stephens Burglary unknown per(s) unk did enter residence thru rear window and once inside did take property

9/2/2010 718 Hopkins Assault Patrick A Daniels Def did assault complt and did push him downstairs causing a possible broken shoulder, strained neck and cut to nose. Def found in possession of marijuana.

9/2/2010 unknown RUUV unknown vehicle recovered

9/2/2010 68 Mineral Springs Assault Burke C mcFarland Def did punch complt causing bruises, pain and severe swelling to face

9/2/2010 64 Edson Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did take unk object and did break front windshield on complt's vehicle and then cut driver's side tire

9/2/2010 64 Edson Threats Eric J Krisnoski complt rpts that suspect did call on phone stating that he was going to punch her in the face and that he was going to kell her and then himself

9/2/2010 526 Swan Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did damage double pane glass window on front east side of residence

9/2/2010 718 Hopkins Narcotics Patrick A Daniels, Carlos L Rodriguez, Jennifer Silva def's did possess narcotics

9/2/2010 81 Sheffield Agg Harassment April R Rozler suspect did continually call complt threatening and harassing to call CPS and her place of business and tell them and that she is hitting her children trying to get her in trouble



  1. i think this section is more than just unbalanced its unfair. when a friend or someone related to you gets arrested for you post that? i doubt you do. dont you think some of these people arrested are arrested based on a lie or are all cops honest and fair now BUT sb politicians aren't?

  2. Jon, I just copy and paste the report the S Bflo Police chief sends out. I don't usually look at the names until after I've posted them.

    I liked it better when they didn't publish all the names. However, I don't have time to go through each one and delete all the names. I's a very popular part of my blog and gets people to read my other articles and become fans of the blog. I actually have had many friends names show up on here (which might tell you something about my friends.) Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I agree with you.