Friday, January 7, 2011

Tim Whalen: One of two Democrats to support the incompetent Barbara Miller-Williams

In his first official act as Brian Higgins' and Jim Keane's yes-man, newly elected County Legislator Tim Keane-Whalen voted with the Republicans to reelect Barbara Miller-Williams as Chairwoman of the useless Erie County Legislature...

In the end, Miller-Williams needed only two Democratic votes to win re-election as chairwoman. She got three — her own and those of Christina W. Bove of West Seneca and Timothy J. Whalen of Buffalo.

If you remember, Miller-Williams was the woman who embarrassed herself and the entire body a few weeks ago with her tirade against a member of the Oshei Foundation. That group had the nerve to try and help out the County arts' groups with private funding. Apparently, people like Miller-Williams and Whalen don't like private spending. Why would Whalen, when the public sector has been so good to the Keanes for the last 40 years?

Len Lenihan: If you're out there, hear my message. People in South Buffalo are sick of Brian Higgins and the Keanes living off the public dime for generations. They are looking for change. Tim Whalen can be beat by a true Democrat. The word can get around pretty quick that he is simply doing Jim Keane's bidding. Most of the neighbors are onto the fact that he lives in Florida, yet stays involved in Erie County politics to get his family members more public sector jobs (*see the recent appointment of Richard Keane, Jr. as an $80,000/year "spokesman" for the New York State Thruway Authority. Richard is the nephew of Jim Keane.)

Miller-Williams re-elected as Legislature Chairwoman - Erie County - The Buffalo News


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