Monday, January 31, 2011

Bike Trip 2011

I was introduced to this story by my friend Carla Panikowski-Thomas. Carla was there 25 years ago during the first trip.

As a way thanking the Seneca Babcock Community Center for it's role in shaping their lives, three men from the neighborhood set out to ride their bikes across the perimeter of the United States in 1986.

Two of the men had become doctors, yet never forgot their humble roots. With 2,000 miles left in their trip, they were involved in a terrible collision with a tractor trailer. They had to abandon their efforts. 25 years later, the guys from Babcock have decided to finish the journey.

They talk about Bob Kurtz, the man who ran the Community Center. I remember playing baseball down at the Boys and Girls Club in the mid 80s and I vaguely remember Mr.Kurtz. The people down there were very down to earth and accommodating to us. Even though we weren't from the neighborhood, they made us feel welcome. It was a great place to be. I wish these guys the best of luck with their trip. They've become successful in life through their hard work, yet have not forgotten the people that assisted them along the way. What a great example they are setting to their own kids by helping the kids from the old neighborhood. I think it's great that 25 years later, they are finishing what they started...

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