Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Security breach

Why do you rob banks? "That's where they keep the money." bank robber Willie Sutton (although he denied making that statement in his autobiography.)

The geezer bandit might be taking a vacation to India. A bank there recently opened up a branch with no locks on the money. They view their God as the only security guard necessary. I hear they're thinking about starting a branch like this on Seneca Street in South Buffalo. That should go over well...

MUMBAI: The United Commercial (UCO) Bank has opened the country's first lockless branch in Maharashtra, even as the Centre has made hi-tech security mandatory for all nationalized and private sector banks.

"We took note of the general belief and faith of the people. Ever since the most revered temple came into existence several years ago, the village has not witnessed a single crime. In fact, all houses in the entire village have no doors. We took the risk and started the lockless bank a week ago," a senior bank official said.
God as guard: Bank opens ‘lockless’ branch - The Times of India


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