Friday, January 7, 2011

Tug of war continues with Brown and Kearns

The chess match between South District Councilman Mickey Kearns and Deputy Mayor Byron Brown continues over the Nevilly Court Project.

Last week, we told you how Brown was bribing city-working neighbors close to the project to oppose it. Brown then announced he would not authorize the bonds needed to pay for it.

Today, Kearns struck back and said that unless lawmakers have the opportunity to vote on bonds for all projects in the city’s capital plan, it’s possible that the entire roster of initiatives could be delayed. That would mean other projects in the city would be delayed. From The Buffalo News...

The projects range from new streetlights in the Niagara and North districts, to streetscape improvements in Lovejoy and Masten, and infrastructure upgrades near the Genesee Gateway project downtown. There also is money to finance the city’s ongoing demolition blitz, improvements at various parks and upgrades to a number of city-owned buildings. “This is a question of fairness, and we’re prepared to take this to the end,” Kearns said.

Readers of this blog should know that Councilmembers Joseph Golembek and Bonnie Russell in effect, work for the mayor. They clearly do his bidding. Golembek, who made himself out to be a maverick years ago, should be particularly embarrassed with himself...

North Council Member Joseph Golombek Jr. said Kearns’ threat to hold up other projects is typical of how the Council’s ruling majority has operated.

“It’s the worst majority I’ve ever seen on this Council,” Golombek said. “They’re cocky. They’re arrogant. They ostracize the rest of the Council.”

I didn't hear Golembek complaining when a new turf field was put in over at Riverside Park a few years back. He also was very supportive of the new state of the art football field constructed behind Riverside High School. How about something for a neighborhood where the people actually pay taxes? Golombek has been in office way too long and has gotten too comfortable. His district has gone to the dogs since he first took office. He's clearly a fraud carrying around a lot of secrets.

I'm not a huge fan of turf fields, myself. I know they are good for sports like lacrosse, football, and softball. The thing I'd like to see built is the actual gym/educational center. The big question I have is, where are the South Buffalo political families that spoke out for Brown against Kearns? They all said he was great for South Buffalo. Obviously, they really meant he was great for them and their greedy, untalented, conniving relatives.


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