Monday, January 31, 2011

Change Albany?

Attorney Kevin Gaughan is starting a new campaign to downsize the New York Senate to 50 members. Where can I sign up?

After successful efforts to downsize several local town boards, Gaughan is turning his attention to the State Legislature and, more immediately, the 62-member Senate.

Under his proposal, which still lacks a sponsor, the Senate would be reduced to 50 members.

"Before we start eliminating full-time state workers, we should eliminate part-time state politicians," he told The Buffalo News.

Where is Tim "change Albany" Kennedy to sponsor Gaughan's downsizing proposal? As we predicted, Kennedy's done nothing to even hint at change since he arrived in Albany with his box of Tim Horton's donuts. Obviously, it was just a campaign slogan meant to fool a lot of stupid people. Mission accomplished.

Kennedy has said he will continue to take his usual leadership stance on the issue (waiting until Brian Higgins tells him what to do)...


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