Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buffalo News thinks we should all grow up

In today's Buffalo News, there was an editorial entitled Time to Stop. The News thinks we have gone too far and need to start praising all the elected officials as they rip us off and lie to our faces. It's easy for the News to do this, since they are in bed with most of the people in power. I couldn't find the link on their website, but here is an excerpt from the column...

Yes, it is true that we all have First Amendment rights to speak our minds, but rights come with responsibilities. This is not about censorship; it's about being grown up. How, exactly, we find our way back to a more civil brand of politics will be a challenge, but this tragedy offers an opportunity. Shame on us all if we are so comfortable in our wretchedness that we don't even try.

Excuse me while I wipe the tears out of my eyes. It's so nice that the Buffalo News thinks we've gone too far. This tragic shooting was the act of one deranged person. We don't even know what set him off. To me, a bigger tragedy is the News endorsing the same incumbents year in and year out. People get to to the point where they become sick of all the corruption. I also find the News' words "grow up" to be rather ironic. Isn't this the same paper that last week published a whole page worth of disparaging cartoons on Carl Paladino two months
after the election? This was not news. It was simply done to embarrass Paladino because Stan Lipsey's feelings were hurt over a billboard characterizing him and the News as being spineless. I'm glad the News thinks we should grow up. It seems like a case of do as I say, not as I do.



  1. Mike,

    As an aside, I wonder if you noticed the postings circulating for an upcoming fundraiser for Tim Whalen. It really kills me to see all the positive responses it produced on facebook.

    You got to love how so many of these people in South Buffalo rage on about how the Keane's, Kane's, Whalen's and Whelan's etc., did nothing to help the neighborhood during all their years in power except make the world a better place for the Keane's, Kane's, Whalen's and Whelan's etc., yet these same supposedly disgusted voters can't wait to hand over as much of their money as they can to these same no-marks and do-nothings. Unbelievable.

    This pack mentality in South Buffalo has got to stop. It's high time the good residents of South Buffalo, who have been neglected and taken for granted for so many years now by these bums, learn to think independently.

    This tendency toward blind conformity by so many of our fellow South Buffalonians has only burried this once great neighborhood deeper in its graves.


    South Buffalo Joe

  2. These followers are insecure and don't think very highly of themselves. They are like the stormtroopers of the Star Wars movies,afraid of their own shadows.

    What kills me is they still talk about how tough they are. If you're prostituting yourself to these families, you're not really that tough. Their kids have a great opportunity to do better than their parents, yet usually end up on the side of a garbage truck or the back of a Zamboni. They're really the weakest people I know.