Monday, January 10, 2011

Youth sports in South Buffalo

I spoke briefly to Councilman Kearns today. He was telling me about the obstacles being thrown at his youth sports project on South Park Avenue. I have to say, I was impressed by his determination to move forward. It's sad that most of the opposition is political in nature and coming from people who are supposed to be working for South Buffalo. Kearns is not deterred however. Contrary to what the mayor said, his community center was never meant to be a shrine toward himself. See, in the eyes of the career politicians, Kearns has a lot of nerve trying to bring improvements to his district. Seriously ask yourself, what has anyone else tried to do to improve neighborhoods around here? Mark Schroeder has worked for Seneca Street businesses and created the South Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, but anyone else? Forget it.

Other politicians hold weekly press conferences telling us that development at the Waterfront has been completed. However, most people can see right through these shameless acts of self promotion. When there has been substantial progress made on the waterfront, you won't need a press conference to see it. Councilman Kearns has some good ideas for youth sports in South Buffalo and he's doing most of it with private funding. I'm happy to say he's talking to the right people. I have some ideas to improve things and I'm glad there is finally someone interested in listening to them.

Quite honestly, for soccer, we already have most of the things we need. It's a simple game and I don't worry too much about anything fancy. Facilities in South America and Africa are minimal and look at the players they produce. After my talk with the Councilman today, I'm very optimistic about some projects he is initiating. The main thing from my end is to get everyday, non-political residents involved. Once we get some specifics hammered out, please check this site. I will update everyone on certain things with the idea being to bring people together towards a common goal.

We have a mayor that really doesn't care about the interests of South Buffalo. He knows he won without the support of 80% of South Buffalo residents and doesn't need their votes. He'll come down to Circle Lady's parade once a year and say hello to the city-working ass kissers, and leave as quickly as he came. Fortunately, we really don't need him or them to be successful. Mickey has a few good ideas in the works that I think people will be excited by. Stay tuned.


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