Sunday, January 30, 2011

Letter to the Blogger-Nevilly Court Youth Sports Complex

I got this comment underneath one of the posts on the Nevilly Court Sports Complex and I thought it raised some very good points. The people opposed to the project, not the ones living near it, are hired political pawns. They are doing the mayor's bidding for him and are clearly looking for something in return for their families (probably jobs.) Their motives are obvious to everyone. One of the paid spokespeople is articulate. The other is from planet Mars and is clearly as mad as a hatter...
It makes me question the mayor's competence yet again. What kind of a leader wants to have himself represented by someone like this? There are so many normal people he could bribe to do his bidding for him on this issue and he picks her? The mayor won't show up at the upcoming meeting because he doesn't even know how to find South Buffalo on a map...


She is definitely in the minority, speaking for the mayor. My question is did other parts of the city have these arguments when the mayor helped them get new fields(Riverside,Johnny B Wiley)Millions of dollars of public and private funds have gone to make new fields for other sections of the city. Does Marge know that? Her argument is embarrassing and easy to shoot down. Yes, we have other needs, new police station, firehouse, some upgrades at pool, Tosh etc.. but it doesn't diminish the need for a safe playing field, one that the city doesn't have to maintain.

It is 100% clearly political and our kids shouldn't have to suffer. Maybe we can get a fund together to move Marge to live closer to the Mayor. Our area, South District has the most population of any district in the city from the latest census. Still plenty of kids in sports, actually baseball is losing kids(especially girls to W. Seneca because of their fields). She is wrong on so many levels.- A Concerned Parent

I'd just like to remind everyone that a public meeting on this issue will be held on Saturday, February 19th at 10AM at Bishop Timon High School. Please do not let a few people, who work for the mayor, dictate what happens here. Remember, they are being paid to oppose the project.


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