Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nevilly Court: sex, lies, and videotape

OK, I lied. There's no sex. But there are plenty of lies. And we did capture some of them on videotape. Here, one of the neighbors at the meeting (who is a city of Buffalo employee) falsely tells the crowd Councilman Kearns wants to build the educational/athletic center as a shrine to himself. Since I'm not sure he would have said this if the Councilman was in the room, I thought we'd post it here...

In this clip, our Citizen of the Year goes on a bizarre rant about the Olmsted Parks' Conservancy. She says their long term goal is to tear down the Cazenovia Casino, Cazenovia Pool, ice rink, and the Tosh Collins Community Center. Where does she come up with this stuff? There is no way anyone would ever let any of this happen. Finally, she says, "If Mr. Kearns wants to take it (the money) for Nevilly Field, he's not going to get it!" WTF is she smoking before these meetings? I wasn't aware she had anything to do with the funding process.


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