Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aaron Rodgers

In this age of instant communication, things aren't always as they appear. People in Green Bay were outraged when Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers appeared to walk right past a cancer survivor looking for an autograph at the local airport. He couldn't miss her. Her head was shaved and she was wearing pink clothes. She called the radio stations the next day to tell them that Rodgers had, in fact, graciously signed autographs for her a few days before. She had gone back to try and get more autographs but he was in a hurry to catch his flight. I can definitely relate. When I'm out at restaurants these days, fans of the blog are constantly approaching me for autographs. I try to put on a good face but it gets tiresome, fast.

Whatever the story, watch linebacker Clay Matthews in this clip. He seems very down to earth, nothing like the guy who terrorized the Bills in their game this season. He is the player the Bills should have drafted when they had the chance...

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