Wednesday, January 12, 2011

State troopers given ridiculous raises. Cuomo looks the other way

From The Associated Press: Despite 900 layoffs elsewhere, 28 top officers in the state police got raises of more than $20,000 last month. Andrew Cuomo says he's shocked but doesn't plan to do anything about it. Why do I feel Carl Paladino's reaction would have been different had he been elected governor? Oh, maybe it's because he lives in the real world, where ridiculous things like this don't happen during a recession. A state trooper gets $90,000/year as soon as they come out of the academy. No wonder all we ever see them do is write speeding tickets....

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he was "shocked" to learn 28 top officers in the state police got raises of more than $20,000 last month as some 900 state workers were facing layoffs.

The new governor says he'll review the increases, which were requested by the police agency after a union agreement bumped some majors to $170,756 salaries, topping executive staff pay.

The executive raises, first reported by WNYT television in Albany following a Freedom of Information Law request, boost staff inspectors to $173,756 yearly and the first deputy superintendent to $182,756.

That's who you elected. A guy who is going to "look into" the issue. Cuomo fiddles while New York state burns...


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