Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scared straight

I came across the Scared Straight: 20 years later documentary the other day. If you don't mind some foul language, I suggest you check it out on YouTube.

This was a pretty funny clip. They got all the troubled teens together 20 years later and asked them what they remembered most about that day. They all talk about "the eye man." He was one of the convicts who was missing an eye. He was smaller than the other prisoners but he made up for it in sheer rage.

I put this clip together. Check out the guy in the second row at 2:15 with the Super Mario Brothers mustache. His name is Angelo Speziale. He thanks the one-eyed convict for changing his life on that day in 1978. He was arrested for shoplifting in 2005 and they took a DNA sample. In 2010, his DNA matched that found at a murder scene from 1982 in New Jersey. A 19 year old woman was found dead and the case had become cold. Speziale was charged with that crime 28 years after it happened. He seems so sincere in this clip but I guess he wasn't as affected by the program as he claimed to be...

DNA match leads to convict admitting he raped, killed teenager in '82 -


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