Monday, January 24, 2011

Basketball score 108-3

The basketball coach in this clip is quite annoying. He let his girls high school team defeat another school (made up of troubled girls, no less)108-3 in Utah. There are so many things a coach can do to keep a game from getting out of hand. Letting your players score at will against an overmatched opponent is not one of them and does nothing to improve your team.

In soccer, if we're routing a team, we make the players play one or two touch. In other words, they get one touch to control the ball and their second touch has to be a pass or a shot. They cannot dribble. This helps them to improve their first touch as well as play with their heads up (which helps them see more of their teammates). Both skills are needed when playing a more skilled opponent. We also switch our defensive players to forward at a certain point, where they are less likely to score. I'm not a basketball guy, but I have a feeling things like this could have been done in this game, too. However, maybe the coach in question isn't a basketball guy either.

What's great about it, is he probably believed beating a team 108-3 made HIM look good. He was probably shocked when people told him it actually made him look like a complete fool. Congratulations: You're the coach of the year! Now stick to teaching Math, nerd.

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