Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's $300,000.00 between friends?

According to a scathing New York state audit,the Buffalo School district set up a system to track the new $300,000 laptops they gave out to the students. The tracking system alone cost them $150,000. It's telling that they assumed the laptops would be lost or stolen even before they gave them out. (Maybe that was a clue that they shouldn't have given them out.)

The punchline? They had nobody to track the computers down after they were stolen. It's no big deal. What's $300,000 when it's not their money? Great job administrators. Keep up the two hour lunches on Chippewa Street and the entire days updating your Facebook status. And you wonder why the rest of Western New York views you as incompetent?...

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  1. "$300,000 what's that?? Wilmers bought control of the school district when he hired me for less" DR. JW