Monday, January 17, 2011

Letter to the editor- James Kane


The main questions I have after reading this testimonial are, who is Ann K. Lupo and what kind of points is she trying to earn by writing it? Promotion? Raise? Jobs for her relatives? ...

Kane has always done a good job for city schools

By my reckoning, James Kane has served under six Buffalo Public School superintendents. His career has spanned decades; toiling mostly in obscurity, working hard for the parents and kids of the district as the right-hand man to those wielding power.
A recent editorial highlighted the “no-win” nature of his job. Kane’s work has always required the utmost loyalty and discretion. Period. To suggest that he is a policy maker responsible for the sometimes questionable behavior of others was totally off the mark. If The News would like a list of people from the past four decades who have behaved badly in regard to the schools, just let me know. Kane will never be on that list.
Chief of staff, executive assistant to the superintendent—the titles have changed, but the job hasn’t. He is running interference for some of the most powerful people in the community day in, day out. All guts, no glory. Kane is frequently the first one in City Hall in the morning and the last one out at night.
On behalf of the countless families and students he has compassionately assisted over the years, I wanted to set the record straight.
Ann K. Lupo
I never realized the tremendous sacrifice Kane made every day when he left his suburban home to do the public's work. And all for a paltry sum of $104,000/year. And to think, he could have been using his considerable talents all these years in the private sector. When Lupo talks about the families Kane has helped over the years, I'm assuming she means the inbred South Buffalonians who pay off politicians to get his ear. I'm immediately calling for Father Nelson Baker's name to be withdrawn from sainthood and replaced with James Kanes'.
Kane has always done good job for city schools - Letters to the Editor - The Buffalo News

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