Monday, January 17, 2011

Fear and loathing in West Seneca

When reading this article on the West Seneca Americorps, it is important not to trust town Councilwoman Sheila Meegan. Her father is political dinosaur Chris Walsh, longtime associate of Steve Pigeon. Pigeon is widely regarded as the Lex Luthor of Western New York politics.
Pigeon befriends wealthy residents and then uses them to further his pattern of deceit and corruption.

The article mentions Linda Boldt...

Linda L. Boldt, who served as office manager of the town Youth Bureau from 1992 to 2007 and also served in the offices of the town’s attorney, comptroller and Recreation Department, filed a complaint against Lazzara in 2007 with the state Human Rights Division.

I don't know Linda Boldt and I'm not sure if she's related to olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt.
However, there's a funny paragraph in the story, which talks about the time Boldt "accidentally" used the Town's credit card to finance her $1000 personal vacation. Man, I hate when that happens.
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I don't care what else this stupid article is about. That sound you hear is her credibility "bolting" out the window...

Lazzara said his relationship with Boldt soured when he “caught” her using a town credit card to pay nearly $1,000 for a vacation. Boldt said she accidentally used the wrong card and reimbursed the town. Records supplied by Lazzara show a personal check from Boldt to the town one month after the transaction.

So it took her one month to realize this mistake? That must have been some vacation.


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