Monday, January 24, 2011

Letter to the editor- Botanical Gardens

The Board of Directors at the Erie County Botanical Gardens chose career politician Dave Swarts as it's new Executive Director, despite the fact he has no horticultural experience.

I agree with this letter writer from Derby. Instead of hiring someone with horticultural experience, the Board of Directors of the Erie County Botanical Gardens selected career politician Dave Swarts as it's new Executive Director. When faced with a similar situation a few years ago, the people at the Tifft Farms Nature Preserve went outside of Western New York and found a guy with extensive wildlife experience (his name escapes me). The man has done a terrific job over there and is well respected by all.

Western New Yorkers should contact members of the board of directors at the Botanical Gardens and ask them why they chose a guy who is barely capable of sweeping it's floors, much less running it...

Gardens chief should have horticultural experience

On Jan. 14, The News printed an article titled, “Swarts to direct Gardens.” I just couldn’t comprehend what I read. It stated that “another political figure has been named to lead the Buffalo& Erie County Botanical Gardens.” He is the fifth person to be named to this position in the past six years and, like all but one, he has absolutely no horticultural experience!

Mary Ann Kreese, chairwoman of the Botanical Gardens, stated, “the search for this position was limited to Western New York applicants.” Oh, by the way, this position pays $89,000 annually. Are you kidding me? There are probably thousands of people who are qualified, not only in this area but across the country. These people would not only relocate here for this position but would probably accept half of that salary. It just goes to show the good-old-boys club is doing well.

Tom Ford

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