Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Antoine to make a speech

In what civil rights' groups are hailing as a major victory for the developmentally disabled, Tim "Hortons" Kennedy has been selected by Andrew Cuomo to deliver the Democratic response to his State of the State speech. (What kind of response does someone from the same party give?)We'll have to count how many times he says the word "wonderful" in the speech they write for him.

People sitting in the front row are advised to stay away from his hands and mouth during the speech. Reading someone else's words makes Tim hungry, but then again, what doesn't?...

Senator Tim Kennedy Will Respond To Cuomo's "State Of The State" | WKBW News 7: News, Sports,.


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  1. This jerk was on the news the other day saying he lost 40 pounds during the campaign. He was fat and lazy when he was working for the tax payer, but when it was about him he actually put in some hard work.I hope he saves his FAT PANTS, because after about six months of doing nothing he will fit in those size 48s again.