Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recckio's bowling alley sold

First, it was Nick's Texas Hots and now Recckio's bowling alley. The popular family owned hangout was sold this week to a longtime bowling enthusiast...

Former owner Rick Recckio, who ran the business with wife Tamara, said that when the business first opened, his father, original owner Gerald Recckio, used to pick up homeless people, pay them $1 a day to stack the pins and let them sleep above the bowling center.

New owner David Sears, who has more than 30 years experience running bowling alleys, calls Recckio's an institution. "I know (the community) loves it."

In fact, Recckio's has produced much talent to the sport of the great unwashed throughout the years. In addition to several local standouts, Ernie McCracken (seen in this clip) got his start there...

Recckio's Bowling Center to remain open despite sale - Local Business - The Buffalo News


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