Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Buffalo Public Schools' closed door policy

James Kane, chief of staff for superintendent James Williams: Takes $104,000/yr to help the entitled South Buffalo families find jobs in the Bflo Public School system for their mediocre spoiled children, while the rest of us schleps write blogs making fun of them.

The Buffalo School Board has decided to broadcast the interviews for their vacant seat in the East District, but this transparency was not without opposition. From today's Buffalo News...

The question of conducting the interviews and deliberations in public arose last week, when board President Ralph R. Hernandez mentioned during a committee meeting that he thought the interviews should be conducted in public. Chief of staff James M. Kane balked, saying candidate interviews in the district have always been done behind closed doors.

You can't really blame Kane, a West Seneca resident, just slumming in Buffalo temporarily. It's a process he's used to. When he's getting teaching and administrative jobs for his underachieving friends from the South Buffalo entitled class, it's always done behind closed doors, so as to make it seem as though they acquired the jobs through legitimate means. Heck, this was probably the way it was done when he was appointed to his job 20 years ago over more qualified candidates (just another one of the benefits of being the fortunate son of political operative Don Kane).This class of people doesn't understand what it means to actually compete for jobs like the rest of us from the unwashed masses. Why should they? They're "better than the rest" of us. Don't believe me? Just ask them!


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