Monday, January 10, 2011

Bob McCarthy's column

I've always been a fan of the Buffalo News' political writer Bob McCarthy. He always seems to find a way to cover the local races without taking sides and I enjoy his insight. McCarthy wrote today about the vitriolic tone the political debate has taken in recent years, in light of the Arizona shootings...

Indeed, the talk shows and political pundits across the country paused Sunday to ask whether the nation's political negativity has gone too far. They pointed to vicious campaign ads by both parties, the harsh rhetoric of extremists on both sides, and the subsequent exploitation of political differences through partisan media and the Internet.

People like Rush Limbaugh and Keith Oberman are paid spokespeople for their parties. Those that can't tell they are simply watching a commercial, when they listen to or watch people like this are quite frankly, dumb. Because of the internet, political leaders' actions are being scrutinized like never before. It is much harder for them to lie without being exposed. (Yet it doesn't seem to stop them from trying). There is no place in the political debate for violence. I much prefer to make fun of the liars and phonies and asskissers that make up the local political scene. In fact, I like it in other parts of the world where the residents throw eggs and rotten tomatoes at known "crooks". It's a custom I'd like to see catch on in the US. You can't make a point through violence, though.

If people are so upset about negative commercials, they should vote for the candidates that stay positive. Politicians engage in negative campaigning because the voters fall for it. I'm not planning on making any changes here. The local system is producing followers instead of leaders. The same families have benefited from it for years and this needs to be covered. The mainstream media won't cover it, but we will. If those involved don't like the contact sport of politics, I suggest they find work in the private sector. (Don't hold your breath and wait for that to happen any time soon.) I plan on continuing to expose the spineless followers from both parties.

Vitriol first, and now the bloodshed - Politics - The Buffalo News


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