Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 1st Press Conference

Can someone tell me why this is considered news? They're not even married.

The girlfriend of new New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now touring the state but she insists she is not on a political mission. In fact, Sandra Lee and her staff even got a bit testy on Tuesday after being asked about the governor. Lee is a Food Network star and she was in Buffalo on Tuesday at the Food Bank. She says she's on this tour for one reason only and that's to talk about her mission to end hunger in New York, but some have questioned the timing of the tour, since it's happening just days after her boyfriend took over in Albany.

If she wants to end hunger in New York state, maybe she should order me a large pizza and a bucket of wings from Imperial Pizza. Until she does that, I'm not that interested in hearing about her and I especially don't want to see that self promoting fat slob Mike Billoni when I turn on the television...


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