Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rogowski eyes Whalen's seat

Picture here receiving the endorsement of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown for Erie County Legislator is Mark "Rogo" Rogowski.

Lifelong South Buffalo resident Mark "Rogo" Rogowski is considering a run for Tim Keane-Whalen's seat on the Erie County Legislature. Rogowski coached thousands of baseball players throughout the years and is a longtime businessman in South Buffalo. He cites Whalen's support for Barbara Miller-Williams as Majority Leader as an insult to all Western New York Democrats. (Miller-Williams had the support of all the Western New York Republican Legislators but only two Democrats.)

In addition to being well known in South Buffalo, Kaisertown, Seneca Babcock, and Lovejoy, Rogowski has vast political support in the city of Lackawanna. He also has the backing of South District Councilman Mickey Kearns and was listed as one of People Magazine's 25 most influencial Americans in 2010. He was kicked out of Harvard's prestigious John F. Kennedy School of Government (incidentally the same school that gave Brian Higgins his FAKE degree.)

On a serious note, Kearns' crew, led by Rogo, have been hard at work plowing the streets of South Buffalo. They have been getting both sides of the side streets. In fact, their work has not gone unnoticed. A few city workers have asked Rogo and his crew to slow down, saying they are making the full time workers look bad and cutting into their overtime. Fortunately, most residents don't care who plows the streets, as long as they are plowed in a timely manner. To Rogo and his crew of drunks, ex-cons, and anti-social misfits, we say, "Keep up the great work!" Here is some recent footage of one of Rogo's guys hard at work...

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