Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HEAP is currently accepting applications

I encourage everyone to apply for HEAP. You'd be surprised as to who qualifies. Take Bonnie "Garbage Tax" Kane and James Kane. Who would have thought that they would qualify based on the amount of our hard earned tax dollars they take in each year? I guess it pays to be a member of the entitled class...


  1. I'm really beginning to get sick to death of some of these arrogant "small town Charlies" running around South Buffalo with their deluded sense of over blown self-importance. Most come from families of 4th and 5th generation political hacks with ties of patronage to City Hall and Democratic Party Headquarters, and not some mansion on a hill like they wish. It's been my observation that these same "big shots" have absolutely no clue of what it means to act and think independently. They do and vote as they're told in order to keep their cushy, no-show City Hall jobs. Other than circulating petitions for crooked local politicians at Election time and getting drunk at political fundraisers their only other function in life is to preserve their feelings of entitlement by acting smug and arrogant in South Buffalo taverns and bullying the non-political into voting the way they're told. The natural followers and yes-men who attach themselves to these plastic brahmans are even more nauseating!

    I'm told there's even a daughter of one of these types who is in the process of researching a possible future book titled, "First Families of South Buffalo." I understand it is to be modled on the old line "First Families of Virgina" encyclopedia which pedigrees Tidewater high society back to the seventeenth century.

    How pretentious!

    Sorry sweetie, your family history of BFD firemen and saloon sweepers are not on par with the aristocratic Lee's of Virginia.

    Where do these snobby deluded idiots get such arrogance? Being lower-middle class (at best) in a working-class neighborhood does not make you a Kennedy. Sorry, sweetie. Now go back to doing your pseudo Irish dancing that nobody in Ireland has ever even heard of, and brush up on your Gaelic that nobody in Ireland would recognize as Irish Gaelic. Most of all, just be arrogant, pushy and annoying to the rest of us good people of South Buffalo who are, unfortunately, stuck with far too many of your ilk.

    These self annointed "first families" are definitely part of the problem with our community and not part of the solution! I'm sure you agree. Thanks for letting me spill a little bile.

    -Bitter Bill

  2. I know exactly what you mean about these yes-men/followers. When I ran for office in 2001, I encountered some "friends" of mine that had lawn signs for my opponent. Instead of simply admitting they were with my opponent, they said, "we're really with you. we are just afraid we might lose our jobs/not get promotions, etc." i told them if they think that little of themselves to put up a sign for someone they aren't planning on voting for, i really didn't want their support.

    I can't wait to read this new book and find out how important these families really think they are.