Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The NT Pizza War

These pizza wars can get pretty vicious. First, we heard Pizza Junction in North Tonawanda was closing a few weeks ago, except for internet orders. Then, they reopened with new ownership. Now, it looks like their prized cook (the famous Russ Clark)has taken the secret sauce over to another place called Vito's Avenue Pizza. Vito's owner placed a sign announcing the new cook in front of his restaurant and added a taunting billboard in front of Pizza Junction. Why can't they be like South Buffalo and have a different successful pizzeria on every block?

Forget for a moment all the racial stereotypes that go with a pizzeria owner named Vito. The man in this clip, who is seen ramming his jeep into Vito's sign, is named Ryan Fleckenstein. Only in North Tonawanda would they find a Jewish Pizza enforcer. We're told Officer Nathan is investigating...

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