Monday, January 23, 2012

Conversion disorder or PANDAS

Another person at LeRoy Central High School is walking around making crazy noises and gestures. The current doctor says it is consistent with Conversion Disorder.

Meanwhile, several of the parents don't believe him and have sought a second opinion. Some quack named Dr.Rosario is coming to town to investigate their daughters' symptoms. He thinks the girls might have PANDAS, a neurological disorder caused by strep throat. He calls the findings of the government's doctors "garbage." The government doctors are quick to point out that PANDAS is very rare after age 11, and they counter that only one of the girls had a sore throat before exhibiting the Tourette's-like symptoms.

If I had a daughter at the school, I'd force her to walk around town making crazy noises and spazzing out. If the cause eventually proves to be environmental, I'd want my share of the inevitable class action lawsuit. I might even show up to a meeting myself and do my best Michael J. Fox imitation. Whatever it takes to get paid.

This story gets more bizarre by the minute. And just like the girls' facial tics, I don't expect it to go away any time soon...


  1. Who are you? Do you have a child with a disorder that is all consuming and undiagnosed? I'm online searching for answers for my three year old son as he vomits next to me because his brain is being attacked as a result of what I've been told is PANDAS. And this is what I find?

    May you have trouble sleeping tonight. Not one of those parents cares about money. Just answers in hopes of finding a cure.

  2. Wah Wah Wah... Trust me I won't have any trouble sleeping tonight. If you're searching for answers, an opinion based blog is not the place to find them.